It all started with a a $1 bill, a handshake and a napkin.

Doug and Lynda Tatum had always dreamed of owning and living on a farm and it all started in the most unexpected way. At the time, they were living in Big Canoe and would take evening walks to the top of Cox Mountain. They would look down at the view and always comment about how beautiful the property below was and how fun it would be to have a farm for their kids and future grandkids to play. One day Lynda was driving past the property’s entrance on Cove Road and noticed someone setting up a “For Sale” sign. She immediately called Doug, “I think that property on the back of Cox Mountain may be for sale!,” giving him the phone number that was listed. Several days later he came home from work with the news, “I bought our dream farm today!” After speaking with the owner and meeting him at the property to have a look, Doug jotted down a “contract” on a napkin, exchanged a dollar and they both signed. And that was the beginning.

Lynda, an interior designer, designed and then oversaw the construction of the cottage, barn and other amenities. There was once a time when she even mowed the lawn with a push-mower. Since then, the farm has been a place full of very special memories for the Tatum family and their friends. Their children have grown, moved away and so have Doug and Lynda, but the farm is still the place where they return together for special events, celebrations and holidays.

The farm’s 75 acres are right in the heart of the beautiful North Georgia mountains, adjacent to Big Canoe and located approximately one hour from downtown Atlanta. On a clear night you can actually see the Atlanta lights glimmering in the distance.

A gravel lane winds its way through the grassy grounds and up to the main structures of the farm: a live-in rustic barn with full amenities connected to stables, a 3-bedroom country cottage, an outdoor fireplace and fire pit and a handmade stone smoker for cooking barbecue.

There is nothing like a crisp fall evening with fires crackling in the fireplaces, the smell of delicious food and the warmth of friends and family.